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Moonlight Hubb Consulting services were created to see changes in the world we want to see. MHC work with clients to focus on how we will work together and contribute to eliminating poverty, health inequity, social justice and restoring well-being to all. 

Together with our partners we use the evidence, learning and innovation from long-term programs to create lasting, positive impact. 


1) Through continuous dialogue we work with clients to identify the underlying causes of the problem and find areas of improvement. Moonlight Hubb uses the 'need finding' method: the concept of talking to those you want to help and ask them what they want (customer discovery)

2) We plan a roadmap with actionable steps for how to set the right foundation for success including on how to create safe, supportive, welcoming collaborative space for our focus populations. 

3) Program toolkit will be provided to measure and evaluate performance

4) Moonlight Hubb will follow up after completion of project to ensure there is ongoing access to spaces where decisions are being made for the focus populations


Goal #1: A goal of Moonlight Hubb is to try not start something but to end it. MHC want to work with people who are alive and give them the tools and platform to make the world sustainable. 

Goal #2: Reclaim the term meaningful participation! it is critical that there is a  commitment to systemic transformation. Studies have shown that attempts at promoting diversity in decision-making and leadership fails. Partners should be mindful of intentional exercises in order to promote meaningful participation

Goal #3: We want the world to stop seeing these populations as victims but as natural leaders and their right to have ongoing participation in decision-making. 

Price will be contingent on the scope of the project and the hours needed to complete the project. All work outside the predetermined scope is subject to an hourly rate. Ongoing services (more than 3 months) will require a monthly fee. 

If you are interested in working with MHC or have questions please submit your contact information and details of the project on the Contact page.

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