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As a champion of equity in the spaces of healthcare and community voice building, Moonlight Hubb partners with organizations interested in creating and supporting transformational experiences and programming for many underrepresented groups around the world, especially for youths, women and refugees. We provide educational resources and training to help our partners reduce inequalities and overcome discrimination, positioning them as change agents sparking global revolutions. 


Our expertise is especially focused on three service areas: Health Equity, Mental Health, and Community Voice.

To ensure our partners’ success, MHC offers group and individual workshops to researchers, clinicians, educators, and non-profit partners focusing on the health and community needs of youth, women, and refugees to ensure they receive the services needed to thrive.

Services : Services
Health Equity

Health Equity

​The current disparities in health equity are unconscionable. We believe that peoples’ health shouldn’t depend on the color of their skin, where they live, their gender, or their economic status. Moonlight Hubb partners with organizations interested in creating programming and strategies to eliminate disparities in health equity.

Mental Health Matters

Mental Health

In our mission of helping people realize their full potential, supporting mental health access and education is crucial. We seek to help our partners develop programming that connects our focus populations with resources to educate them on the importance of caring for their mental health while enhancing their social-emotional learning. Through our efforts and partnerships, we aim to end stigmas around mental health, create healthy dialogues, and provide the necessary tools to support the mental health of our communities.

Community Voice

Community Voice

We believe that with the right tools and services, our focus populations can serve as powerful change agents for their own health and well-being and the health and well-being of their communities. Through dynamic partnerships with community organizations, we aim to create programming that empowers vulnerable populations to gain the confidence and skills needed to ensure their voices are heard in their communities so they can be part of decision-making processes.

Trainings & Workshops

Trainings & Workshops

Topics include:
Women’s rights and health
Children’s right and health
Refugee resettlement
Research design
Advocacy tools
Fundraising plan
Leadership and management

Moonlight Hubb Consulting implements social-emotional wellness and humanitarian aid projects and initiatives to reach women, youths, refugees and many other underrepresented, marginalized groups. MHC works with our partners to reduce inequalities and discrimination. 
Moonlight Hubb emphasizes strengthening the voice of marginalized and underrepresented groups so they can effectively participate in and influence decisions that affect their lives. 
There is a correlation between poverty and social exclusion. Those from low socioeconomic backgrounds are often left behind and rarely involved in decisions about policies and programs that affect their lives. 
We start by building personal relationships and understanding the needs of our clients and then we place our clients and partners at the center and look outside the box to create innovative solutions. Once identified, MHC conducts research on programs, models of success and resources. Moonlight Hubb’s innovative programs are shaped and molded to be the most effective for each client we work with.
In addition, MHC can also provide our clients with operational support. Moonlight Hubb has the capacity and knowledge to assist with program design, staff training, building coalitions, developing data management or monitoring and evaluation. 
Moonlight Hubb has created opportunities for individuals from marginalized and underrepresented communities to step into leadership and decision-making roles. MHC believes it is important that we show these groups that they belong at all levels of leadership and that they have a right to equal opportunity in all sectors.    
The program's initiatives explore why and how certain populations bear a disproportionate burden of disease and mortality and what power structures and institutions generate those inequities, in order to design strategies to eliminate them.
Mental Health
Moonlight Hubb Consulting uses the healing centered approach to create mental health programs. The programs are non-clinical with holistic views of healing. 
Health Equity
Moonlight Hubb Consulting works with clinicians and researchers to equip them with the tools of providing effective healthcare services to marginalized groups. In addition MHC creates programs to empower and educate marginalized communities on health and healthcare policies. 
Community Voice
One of the goals for Moonlight Hubb Consulting when it comes to working with communities and empowering the communities is to avoid tokenism. MHC wants organizations to be champions of diversity and inclusion by achieving meaningful participation for the communities that they serve and work with. 

Focus Population


The refugee crisis has created so many barriers for refugees to thrive and prosper. According to UNHCR approximately 50% of the world’s refugees are under the age of 18 years old. In addition, 50% of the world’s refugees are women and girls. The percentage of refugees finding sustainable employment in their host country is less than half. Refugees rely on each other to help them survive their new lives. Moonlight Hubb focuses on working with communities to create opportunities for refugees to be less dependent on others who have little experience in forced displacement. MHC goal is to identify and remove barriers of organizations that are supporting refugees and develop long-term sustainable solutions that compose of refugee-led initiatives and programs.


Children are coming of age in a world that is filled with opportunities and disruptions. However they face improbable obstacles to realizing their potential in thriving and making a positive impact on this planet. There has been progress in protecting children and allowing them to voice their opinions and concerns regarding their own lives and the lives of others. However, millions of children feel that they cannot influence outcomes because of the lack of support from their family and communities. Children’s participation provides an opportunity for them to develop independence, resilience and social competence. Young children have insights, perspectives, ideas and experiences that are unique to them.



Women, especially of color and underrepresented populations, experience an unfair share of discriminatory laws and practices, gender-based violence and gender stereotypes. Considerable progress has been made around the world to close the gender gap in education. Girls from low socioeconomic backgrounds are less likely to be motivated to pursue higher education and sustainable careers than girls who come from financially secure backgrounds. Overall greater numbers of girls than ever before are developing potential to become empowered adults. Moonlight Hubb invests in resources to address the barriers that young women face, recognizing additional marginalization they experience.

MHC works with a wide range of partners to create dynamic, effective programming that positions them as thought leaders, disruptors, and change-makers in the humanitarian space. These include non-profits and community, educational, academic, and health organizations as well as clinicians.

Moonlight Hubb Consulting believes that all services and programs are to be provided without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, gender, age, ability, social status and economic situation.

Additionally, each program MHC supports has a performance management plan assigned to it to track its success and ensure its sustainability.

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