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Moonlight Hubb Consulting, LLC

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Moonlight Hubb Consulting, LLC is a consulting hub that brings together a diverse network of health, academic, and community organizations who share a vision of creating infrastructure that results in more just and equitable conditions for some of the world’s underrepresented communities.


To this end, we are committed to delivering transformational health, mental health, and community-focused programming that arms the people we support with the skills and confidence required to serve as change agents for their own empowerment and the empowerment of their communities.


To achieve this mission, Moonlight Hubb Consulting partners with social, economic, health, and human rights organizations to deliver high-impact programming embracing diversity, empowerment, and inclusion. We seek to provide equitable access to services that support our constituencies’ physical health, mental health, and community engagement through our partnerships.


Moonlight Hubb Consulting, LLC aspires to be the leading global consultancy and think tank championing human equality and equitable access to resources through transformational programming that improves life in a sustainable way for the underrepresented communities.

Health Equity

Ensure that population groups have understanding of their health, preventative care, and participation in research studies

Create educational programs on social-emotional learning, coping strategies, create safe environment to discuss mental health

Community Voice

Improve access to education, provide economic opportunities, engage groups to contribute toward a more inclusive, equitable, sustainable world


I turned to Amarjit when I was working with a skeleton crew on a major fundraising event. I knew that I needed someone who was reliable, dedicated, innovative, and an all around pleasure to work with on a regular basis. Amarjit exceeded every expectation that I had in terms of getting the event off of the ground and turning it into quite the success, that garnered exceptional reviews from our attendees the night of and the day to follow across our social media platforms. Her programmatic and organizational management skills were essential and very much appreciated and her connections brought in our biggest draw of the evening! To work with Amarjit is to know that you’re in good hands with someone who you know is both reliable and trustworthy from start to finish.

Brooke S.
Vice President, UN Women USA Los Angeles Chapter

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