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Providing meaningful work

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” - Mahatma Gandhi

I think it was when I was in junior high school that I yearned for meaningful and intellectual conversations. I was more mature and globally curious than maybe the rest of my peers I grew up with. I was surrounded by others who enjoyed talking about themselves and gossiping about others. Honestly I was confused. I truly believed other kids had the same interests as me and that was the reason why we all went to school. I did talk about pop culture and sports but it wasn’t as exciting to me as talking about global events, cultures and having deep conversations. Those conversations would only happen with my dad on the days he was not working. My dad worked a lot. I knew I was different from the other kids. I would daydream about surrounding myself with people who desired to make a difference in the world and work together to come up with innovative ideas. I was an ambitious person trapped in a bubble full of zombies who were apathetic about life. There was no zeal in others until I escaped from the bubble and followed my heart.

In today’s world, so many of us are bombarded with advertisements for products and services that may seem irrelevant and unnecessary. People are spending a lot of their time engaging in social media. Thousands of TV shows and movies are created that lack quality and content. Many businesses are simply mass producing products and offering services to gain financial wealth.

As a consultant, my mission is to develop products and offer services that are meaningful to my clients. This can be anything from simplifying documents to planning a strategic plan and developing programs to benefit the communities the client serves. One of my goals is to make my client’s life easier by creating solutions to any issues they have or to work together to bring their ideas to life.

I put in all of my energy and effort to all projects I am involved in. I am invested in the mission of each of my clients and believe that the client’s work is important for them and for the community they work with. When collaborating with my clients, I ensure that the work I am doing exceeds their expectations and results in positive changes. Communication, asking questions and conducting needs assessments are the minimum efforts I put in to meet my client’s needs.

It’s important that the result of my service and/or product is sustainable for my client. Sustainability is important for organizations to feel empowered and be able to perform their work effectively, effortlessly and have the ability to continue to serve their communities.

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