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Leading with Integrity

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Success without integrity is failure

A month ago I gave a presentation on the topic of “How to Be a Leader with Integrity” to a group of young college students in Kenya. The event, titled "Growing and Contributing Authentically to Your Life" was part of Legacy Leadership Africa's Living Your Legacy Series and was a collaborative event hosted by Legacy Leadership Africa, Stowelink Inc and MENTEE. I became a mentor at MENTEE during early 2021. MENTEE is an organization that connects historically underrepresented populations with a network of global mentors and a supportive program to give mentees more power to shape their own lives. MENTEE was founded by Letitia Zwickert, a full-time high school teacher and mother who devoted her life’s work to supporting and fostering global connections to create lasting, positive change. Legacy Leadership Africa’s mission is to provide tools and resources for young leaders to make a positive impact in their communities all across Africa. Stowelink Inc.’s mission is to create healthier communities by developing and implementing community health projects. Stowelink’s focus is on non-communicable diseases and implemented 11 projects in 9 countries.

I knew the students had the quality of being a great leader with integrity. Therefore, I avoided doing a presentation where I provide lists of actionable steps to achieve integrity. Through Moonlight Hubb Consulting’s Community Voice program, we focus on creating space for community members to highlight their leadership skills so they are aware that they have the potential to lead, seen and be heard.

The students from Legacy Leadership Africa and Stowelink Inc. have passion, dreams and determination. During my talk I constantly reminded the students that leading with integrity requires simply by leading with their hearts.

To learn more about MENTEE, Legacy Leadership Africa and Stowelink Inc, check out the links below.

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